What is Concoction Juice aka Cjuice?

CJuice made from 100% natural ingredients such as ginger, garlic, apple cider, lemon and honey formulated. (Founder of Baking's Corner)

Well- known for the benefits as follows: -

• Lower Cholesterol 
• Lower Hypertension 
• Improve Constipation 
• Prevention of stroke / heart attack 
• Prevention of heart cerebrovascular obstruction to reduce high blood pressure  • Improve Migraine 
• Improve Gout / Gastric 
• Alleviate snoring 
• Reduce uric acid resulted in hand & feet pain 
• Reduce Diabetes 
• Reduce Nasal Sensitive 
• Improve stomach swelled wind / stomach acid 
• Numbness of hands & feet 
• Minus the in vivo Grease (Help slimming & whitening of skin)

So Many benefits and all natural ingredients, there is no reason and no harm in trying to restore your health back.

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