Balloon Wire Whisk With Hook

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This balloon-style whip's wider circumference is perfect for whipping the airiest meringues and cremes, or to finish any blending more quickly than a cumbersome mixer. Quickly blends sauces. Dishwasher safe, the stainless steel handle utilizes a hanging ring for convenient storage. NSF approved. 

Product Description:
• Used to manually mix and beat eggs or other similar ingredients, such as sauces, batter, egg whites, and dressings. Consists of stainless steel tip and handle. For mixing and blending foods quickly, easily and without much preparation or cleanup.
• Sturdy handle provides comfortable and firm grip; stainless steel construction
• Measures 10-inch and 12-inch long
• Quickly and effectively mixes product
• Durable design won't stain or tarnish
• Easily cleaned and stored
• Will not affect bleach or color results
• Handle includes ring for hanging
• Dishwasher safe
    Package included:
    1 x Balloon Wire Whisk