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Lovely Stripes Baking Cup

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These sweet little baking cups resist oil and fading so they come out of the oven as bright and colorful as when they went in. Uniquely manufactured from paper that retains liquid, making them versatile to use in so many cooking applications. These cups also make a stylish container for lollies, condiments, chocolate mousse or other little party treats - or serve ice cream in them to make the sweetest sundaes.

Product Descriptions:
• Are bake-able in oven to 375ºF
• Grease-proof and non-sticky, high temperature resistant, healthy and eco-friendly.
• Fill to 1/2 to 2/3 depending on batter. Do not overfill to prevent overflow.
• Dimensions:  Top 7cm x Bottom 6cm x Height 5.5cm
• Made of high quality food grade paper,  environmental protecting
• Colorful flower pattern give you good mood, also can make your food wonderful
Package included:
 1 x 50pcs Baking Cup