Authentic Japan Diatomite Mat

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The Dry Pad is one of best-selling bath mats in Japan. It is made out of 100% diatomite stone. It will help you achieve less stress and hassle in maintaining a dry bathroom floor with the Dry Pad’s top 4 qualities – absorbs water, quick to dry, easy to care for and controls odor.

The diatomite stone is a sediment that was formed from phytoplankton (Diatom) shell fossil deposits or algae, known for their ability to absorb and release water. Hence, why the bath mat can absorb water, and dry quickly. 

The Dry Pad Bath Mat has a minimalist and clean design. Best placed when just coming out of the shower. 

• Origin Design: Japan
• Brand: Yankee
• Material: Diatomaceous
• Color: Pink / White / Green
• Bacteria / Germ / Mold / Dust Free 
• Dries in second
• Controls odors and antibacterial
• Made with 100% Diatomite Stone                                                                                                   
N = 29.5*39.5*2 cm, 1.6 kg
S = 29.5*47.5*2 cm, 1.9 kg
M = 45*35*2 cm, 2.1 kg
L = 60*39 *2 cm, 3.1 kg
      • Quick Dry in 28 Second 
      • Water absorption
      • Anti-bacterial
      • Anti-mildew
      • Deodorant smell

      Care Instructions:
      Do not use on unstable surfaces not flat.
      Scrub the surface of the Dry Pad Bath Mat once in awhile to reactivate the stone again.                                             
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