Traditional Pie Tee Shell Mould

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Pie Tee shells are deep-fried pastries easily prepared in a simple three-step process. Simply dip the cast copper mould into batter, then into hot oil to fry, and finally decorate. Pie Tee is a thin and crispy pastry tart shell kueh filled with spicy and sweet mixture of thinly sliced vegetables (Chinese turnips and carrots) and prawns. The filling is similar to that found in Popiah dish. It is a popular Straits Peranakan dish. Pie Tee shells are made of flour and though some make from scratch, they can usually be found ready made in the frozen station of most supermarkets.
Product Description:
• Lenght: 34cm
• Mold: 4cm x 2.5cm
• Height of Mold: 4cm
• Material: Copper
• Dimensions: 3.5cm x 4cm
• Batter releases easily from the mold.
• Dishwasher safe
Package included:
1 x Pie Tee Mould
a) Before you start frying, pour the batter into a small cup. This cup should be wide and tall enough to completely submerge the pie tee mould.
b) In a small pot, heat oil for deep frying. Test oil temperature with wooden chopstick. To heat up the pie tee mould, fully submerge the mould in the hot oil. Do not overheat the mould.
c) Once mould is just hot enough, lift up and shake off any excess oil. Removing excess oil ensures that the batter sticks properly to the mould.
d) To make regular Pie Tee shells (no brim): Dip mould vertically into batter until almost to the top, about 95% of the mould.
e) Then dip it again gently into the oil until the mould is almost fully submerged in oil. Wait till shell turns light brown and can be separated from the mould.
f) Jiggle/shake the mould up and down to loosen up the shell, then remove shell with a chopstick/thin stick. Be careful not to break the shell in the removal process