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Triangular Multi-Comb Scraper

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Decorating a cake for birthdays or any occasion is fun and can be a cheaper alternative to buying one at the store. The key is to not spend too much on cake decorating accessories like icing and decorating tools.
Product Description:
• Each side has different scallop
• The Triangular multi comb scraper is a versatile cake coating tool. The three sides of the triangle have different sized comb teeth to create patterned lines of different thicknesses on icing.
• Spread an even layer of icing onto the sides and top of your cake using a palette knife.
• Choose which thickness of line pattern you require and apply to the cake. Draw the scraper towards you in a steady movement and maintain an even pressure.
• Eyelet design makes it easy to be hung on hook
• Crafted from BPA-free plastic
• Dishwasher safe 
• 2 difference designs (A or B)

Package included:
1 x Cutter Scraper