Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner Surface Wiper

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The powerful internal magnets lock the two cleaning sides together through the glass so when you move one side, the other side follows.
All you have to do is to slide the magnetic cleaner back and forth to thoroughly clean the glass.
It can be used to clean windows, greenhouses, fish tanks, conservatories, skylights, patio doors, bedroom windows and even shower screens, mirror and tiles!

Product Description:
• Lightweight and portable.
• Material: ABS plastic and natural rubber.
• Fix for 3mm - 8mm thickness glass (Single Layer Glass)
• Dimension: 16cm x 12cm
• Length of safety rope: 2m
• Durable and practical.
• Built-in water sponge, do not need to add water.
• Safe to use, no dead ends .
• Light structure, small size, moving more easily, less effort.
• Triangle design, can easily wipe the corner.
• Distributed magnetic design, scrub easily and not easy to fall off.
• Fixed buckle, scouring cloth does not fall.
• Water sponge design, scrub more easily.
• Thick high-strength safety rope design.
• The wipes can be replaced with a scouring pad.

Package included:
1 x Magnetic Window Cleaner