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Food Decorating Pen (Deco Pen)

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Food Decorating Pen is simple enough for a child to handleand makes decorating food and plates as easy as writing with a marker. Use your imagination to dress up plates, pastries, desserts and beverages, with professional results. Refillable.
Product Description:
• Used for cake and pastry decorating. 
• Easy to use and clean.
• Simply fill the pen with chocolate, push the plunger and squeeze to write on cakes, cupcakes or pastry.
• A fun and indispensable tool to personalize and beautify your favorite desserts. 
• Perfect for a child to handle as well.
• Container Diameter: Approx 25mm 
• Container Length: Approx 100mm 
• Total Length: Approx 130mm 
• Tip Inner Diameter: Approx. 1.5mm and 1.8mm 
• Material: Silicone and plastic
Package included:
1 x Deco Pen