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High quality Plastic Stripping Knife

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Used for chiffon cake stripping; cake cooling down, the stripping knife close to the cake mold wall gently cut open, undercut cake mold can be detached, the resin material is not easy to draw than the metal stripper Wound mold, the cake off very clean and smooth, very practical gadgets. Elasticity just right, that is, invented for the chiffon. Before the useful spatula stripping, is the metal knife and it  would scratched metal mold and is particularly easy to draw a scratch.
Product Description:
• Length: 22cm
• Material: High quality food level plastic
• Multipurpose kitchen utensil tool.
• Specially designed for seperating cake and mold.
• Easy to clean.
• No sharp blades, safe for kids.
• Reusable, non-stick
• Wide range temperature tolerance: minus 40~230 Deg.C.
• Suitable for making cake, pizza, fondant cake, mousse cake, pudding, chocolate, jelly pudding, fruit pie, ect
• Easy to peel off the cake and cake pan; the hook design, convenient to storage.
Package included:
1 x Cake Stripping Knife