Kao MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask 14 pack

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The secret of this mask is that it diffuses a heat of approximately 40 ° Celsius for 10 minutes in order to rehydrate and relax them. In addition it contains rose natural essence oil which is known to be soothing. Far from the stress of daily life you will spend a real moment of relaxation.

• Country of Origin: Japan
• Contents amount: 14 pieces x 2 Packs (total 28 pieces)
• Fragrance: Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Citron and Unscented

• Eye Mask Constituent Material
• Surface material: polypropylene, polyethylene
• Heating element: iron powder contained

How to Apply:
• Remove the eye mask from the bag, it becomes warm when opening it
• Tear off perforation and put on your ear
• Close your eyes while using

    Temperature and duration may change depending on usage environment. When the room temperature is low, it may be difficult to feel warmth.
    Depending on the use environment, it may swell with steam, but you can use it as it is.


    • Please observe the following cautions in order to use safely.
    • If you are using infants, handicapped people, people with dementia, etc, please also pay attention to those around them.
    • If you feel it is too hot, if you feel something wrong with your body, such as pain or discomfort, immediately stop using it
    • If eczema, rashes, etc. appear around your eyes and eyes, if abnormality such as redness or itch continues, discontinue use after that and consult a doctor
    • Do not use in conjunction with eye beauty mask
    • If you are making makeup, make-up may disappear by mask
    • After eye drops, use after a while
    • Do not hold your eyes from above eye mask
    • Do not use broken eye mask
    • Eye masks that have completed fever can not be reused
    • Do not heat in a microwave oven
    • As the skin warms up, it may temporarily make the skin red or itching.
        Notes on storage and disposal
        • Keep it out of reach of young children, people with dementia, etc.
        • If the individual packaging bag gets scratched, it may not heat up
        • Keep direct sunlight, high temperature areas, heat sources (such as heating appliances) away from storage
        • Follow local rules, after cooling down to garbage