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Traditional "Kueh Loyang" Metal Cookie Mold

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These delicate brass cookie molds are used to make an old Malaysian specialty—the deep fried rosettes of crunchy coco-nutty goodness known as "Kueh Loyang".

The residents of Malaysia may span ethnicities, cultures, and religions, but when it comes to cookies, everyone’s favorite across the board seems to be kueh loyang, or the “honeycomb cookie”. A popular snack that’s served during celebrations of all kinds, kueh loyang are made by dipping traditional rosette-shaped molds into a batter of coconut milks, flour, sugar and eggs, and then deep-frying the mixture until it’s golden brown. Sweet and crunchy, kueh loyang may be spiked with vanilla or rosewater (the Malay style), or studded with sesame seeds (Chinese style). 

Product Description:
• Material: Copper
• Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm
• Batter releases easily from the mold.
• Non-Stick Surface
• High Quality
• Strong & Durable
• Easy to Use and Clean

Package included:
Metal Cookie Mold