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Multi-Color Measuring Spoon Set of 5

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Measuring both dry and liquid ingredients has never been fun without these beautiful, quality 5 piece measuring spoons. This set is sure going to brighten your kitchen and make measuring super appealing to you. Please note that the sizing of these spoons refers to standard US measurements.
Product Description:
• Specially designed with attractive colors, quality materials, and fitting handles
• Easy to handle and wash
• Made from quality material. Durable and last longer

• Everything you need to accurately measure out flour, sugar, spices, herbs and lots more
• Includes five measuring spoons - with a quarter tsp., half a tsp., one tsp., half a tbsp. and one tbsp.
• Easy to read markings, with milliliter (ml) equivalents
• Color coded and stain resistant, safe to use with the strongest of spices
• Made from strong shock resistant ABS plastic

Package Include:
1 x Measuring Spoons Set