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Kitchen Craft Dough Cutter and Scraper

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Easily cut, shape and lift dough with the Kitchen Craft dough cutter and scraper. Ideal for making perfectly sized bread rolls and buns every time, featuring contoured edges to easily scrape dough and transfer cut buns to baking sheets and trays. 
Product Description:
• Cut and scrape dough on a variety of surfaces with this new twist on a classic baking tool.
• With plastic scrapers, cut dough cleanly on any surface, even non-stick pastry mats.
• Flat edge for cleaning sticky dough from cutting boards and counter tops.
• Eyelet design makes it easy to be hung on hook
• Plastic Scraper leaves no scratch on your metal utensils
• Keep it away from fire, gas oven and knife
• Crafted from BPA-free plastic
• Dishwasher safe 

Package included:
1 x Cutter Scraper