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Stainless Steel Pastry Cream Horn Core Mold

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This stainless steel mold is designed for shaping and baking puff pastry which will later be filled with pastry cream. The conical shape is ideal for cream rolls or ham or salmon rolls. Simply wrap the Stainless Steel Cream Horn Molds with thin pastry or dough and bake. Let cool, then remove the shell from the mold and fill with cream or prepared filling of your choice. Let your imagination guide you.

Product Description:
• Stainless steel horn core, undeformable and sturdy.
• Ideal for making puff-pastry horns, ice cream cones, tuile pastry horns,..
• Straight edges and cornerless cone for a perfect shape.
• Open ends for easier cleaning.
• Great for making filled desserts or appetizers
• Measures: 12cm x 3.2cm
• Dishwasher-safe.
Package included:
1 x Horn Core Mold