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Wooden Roller Pin

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A favorite of professional chefs, this maple rolling pin is designed for the artisan baker and beginner alike. Perfect for rolling out dough for pies, tarts, cookies, and more. 11" wooden rolling pin is made of maple wood. Also works great for crushing crackers and bread crumbs. Perfect size for small roll outs and children. It also serves as a small gadget designed for children to join family kitchen time!

• A favorite of professional chefs
• Designed for the artisan baker and beginner alike
• Perfect for rolling out dough for pies, tarts, cookies, and more
• Lightweight but durable solid maple construction
• Smooth surface is highly resistant to scratching and splintering
• Constructed of premium solid wood, strong and durable
• 11-inch size even can be held by your drawer organizers
• Totally safe in use and smooth roll outs
• Finely burnished sleek surface, definitely no splinters and easy to wash with water

Quick Tips on Cleaning Wooden Rolling Pins:
• Don’t leave a wooden rolling pin in water or the dishwasher – it may warp or crack, or cause damage to the bearings in the handle.
• Wipe with a dry paper towel, then follow up with a damp cloth. If necessary, lightly use a scouring pad.
• You don’t want to use soap because it may seep into the wood.

Package included:
1 x  Roller Pin